Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The view of the appendix from Peru

Pictures in the hospital and letter from August 1 2011

My puncture wounds are healing just fine.

I'm done taking medicacion and it was for my stomach and idk what else sorry.

The doctor is awesome! I got to see my operation it was awesome! And he said I'm perfect and can work like normal!!!! yay!

It was cool to see my operation, y appendix was swolle and a little bit of stuff was coming out and he used these little pincers to cut it and something that like burned or something and the he tied a knott and cleaned up and then it was good. But he didnt give me a copy of the surgery. dang;( so i was wondering can you email the doctor and ask him for a copy of the surgery? por favor!

You will never guess where I'm at or what has happened in the last week..................

I was with Elder chitic until Wednesday. Then me and Elder Martin had changes and we went to somewhere else. BUt I am once again in Barrio FAUCETT! I was so happy when I heard that I was going back to my old area!!!! and also you wil neer guess that there are now 4 missionaries in this area. Elder ochoa is still here and his companion comes this Wednesday and I am here with Elder Perez from Costa Rica, where Kevin (Kevin is actually going to Peurto Rico) is going i think. I am now senior companion which is really cool! Elder Perez only has 1 month in the mission and I am training him whch is a little scary because I am still learning myself! But we are learning together. I am teaching him what I can. Elder Ochoa lives on the 4th floor and me and Elder Perez live in the 1st floor in the same house as Hermano Pedro. oops excuse me Obispo Pedro. haha And guess what? Today the baby is going to be born! The other day Gabis blood pressure rose and so thyey are doing a C-section today! She askesd us for a blessing last night. We gave her one and i'm sure everything is going to be alright. I'm excited to be here in Faucett again and I'm here for the birth of the baby too. That is way cool! And right now we are working with some recent converts that haven't recieved the priesthood. We are preparing them to recieve it. one kid i feel so bad for he is 15 he was baptized recieedthe preisthood and eerything but his records werent in the computer so he was baptized again before i got here and he had to recievethe priesthood again. its really sad.

I'm so glad that Cody gave his talk and is ready to leave. I hope you gave him a hug for me! Im so glad that you are still riding your bike and everything that is so awesome! keep it up! Im glad that jared had an awesome time on his hike and that everything went well and yes he is a great kid! wow they start school soon that s crazy! good luck with that! haha I hope youy all had a great tme celebrating dads bday! !! i really miss enchiladas and beans and rice!!!!!!

well i hope i answered all of your questions! i love you guys so much!

Elder Sawyer

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