Monday, July 25, 2011

For the Bishop

The Bishop asked the Missionaries in the field to share the importance of member referals. Here is Jacob's response:

well yesterday we went to church and it was really cool that even thought we didnt do like anything this week we still had some investigators show up it was really cool.

oh and for the bishop... getting references from the members is so important. without getting references from the members the work here would stop. By getting references we are truly finding the people that are prepared and interested in the gospel. it is something that we as missionaries cannot do on our own! in my last area it was awesome to see all the support that we got from the members. everytime we went to church it was so crazy for us because there were so many people that would tell us that they had someone for us to teach. and the last sunday we were there a member came up to us and said that here nephew wanted to get baptized, we were so suprised we had never visited this family before but we went and taught him and it turned out he had 2 other cousins and an aunt that were interested in listineng to us. and i heard last week that the 3 kids got baptized on the 23rd of july. its awesome to see the sucess that one reference from a memeber can do.

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