Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 11, 2011

Dear mom and Ffamily,

Im sooooooooo glad that everyone wrote me this week! and im so sorry that we arrived late to internent and so im trying to hurry and write everyone and read everything that is goig on at home! im excited every monday to hear from your guys!

Well i will be going to a new area and i am really sad! for reals! I really love this ward and the people here and when hermano pedro me dijo que tenia cambios tenia ganas para llorar. but luckily i held in the tears haha. and last night we found a family that had just moved here and the mom is member and she has some nieces and a son that want to get baptized and the cuñada wants to get baptized too. and so im leaving like 8 baptisms in this area. i really dont want to go and its really hard to say goodbye to all these people. but thats how the mission is i guess and itll be the same in every area. tonight we are havng a noche de hogar and i think that some of the members are coming to say goodbye.

yesterday i had to give a talk and i was so nervous but i think it went pretty well. i talked about our theme as a mission and how the members can apply it to themselves bevause we are all his hands and we should all share the gospel.and there was a missionary that had been in my area like a year ago that was finishig his mission ad he came to say goodbye to some of his coverts and he was relly happy with the state of the ward that it is in now. he had to ope the back part again it was awesome! hermana gabi said that this is the most people that have been in the sacrament meeting since before her mission so like 3 years. i am so happy that i was able to be apart of this ward and that there were good missionaries to pave the way in this ward because it really wasnt us it was the mssionaries before us that paved the way. and i hope that i left the area better than i found it!

It sounds like you guys had some crazy weather in AZ i wish i was there i miss the monsoons. it has been reaining here but really its not rain it just spits on you and it does that all day! its not fun! and im on a crappy computer today and so the pics came and they are way too big so i didt see everything that clear!

MOm im so proud of you that you are keeping on track and riding your bike with the padded shorts!!!! hahaha keep it up!

Tell grandma Hi for me and that i love her! it makes me sad to heaar that she has to use a walker a lot, she was always really active! but im soo glad that she is able to still go to the temple! pedro sent my letter and in it there is a letter for grandma! and he sent it with a seguro whih means that it will get there for sure!!! And tell Caden Hi for me!! thelittle boy that we were c}making pizza with reminds me a little of caden, he is different but i think of caden when i see him.

MY new zone is san felipe andi dont know where that is so ill tell you next week and ill tell you about my companion too. Elder ochoa is awesome and im sad that we only had one cambio together! buthis knee has healed up and we have been working hard! my new leader de zona is from AZ Elder Chamberlin he has been out a year and he went to Mt View and he grew up with Kyle Chapman! que chevere!

Its crazy how time flys! this next cambio meagan and Jared will start school and some of my riends will leave on the mish!.

Elder Ochoa says hi! and what is the last name of that hermana that you were talking too? I love you a lot!!!!!!!!! and i know that i forgot a lot of stuff and im still here for like 30 min maybe.


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