Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Snake Story

Dear Family,

Mom you really are a snake magnet, everytime a snake has gotten out you have been the one to find it hahaha. im happy that you and meagan are getting in shape for the big race. it sounds like fun! dad told me that your back is hurting, i hope that that doesnt last a very long time! just keep pushing through i know that you can do it!

Well my new area is collique in the san felipe stake, and my new companion is elder chitic and he is another guatemalteco, i have had all of my companios from guatemala and one from argentina. hes pretty cool and in his family in guatemala they speek another language which is really cool i cant remember the name of the language but he taught me a few words and its aweome. he has about 17 meses so he is close to finishing his mission. im definately learning a lot more on how to teach. and in our area before i got here they were baptizing the most in our zone, which is really exciting i think that we are going to have a lot of success este cambio. thereare a lot of menos activos and we are trying to activate them and in most cases there are members of the family that arent baptized so we are reactivating and we are sacando fechas.

Thats cool that chase tooler is going to california. i wonder if the missionaries can go to disneyland? i heard that in florida they getto go to disney world. spanish speaking that is really cool! my zone leader is from AZ he went to mountain View Elder chamberlain and he grew up with kyle chapman that was pretty cool! and another elder in my zone has the same time as me but he couldnt come to the ccm because he didnt have his visa yet. he had to serve a week in az tempe mission. Elder martin, he reminds me a lot of Jeff Lutes its funny ill send you a pic sometime. haha

My are is all mountains and hills and sometimes we have to climb pretty steep and right now i am not in shape and im huffing and puffing when we get to the top. and we live in our own apartment and we eat with a member that lives like a block away. they have a little store and the food is really good and they said that we could have whatever we wanted. and we eat with the zone leaders. in this zone there are a lot of gringos and they definatley speak a lot moreenglish than in my other zone, i hope that my spanish doesnt get worse, im trying to speak spanish to them.

Idk If i forgot anything but i love you all

Elder Sawyer

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 8:09 AM, Mary Ann Sawyer wrote:

Good Morning, Elder Sawyer!

How are you doing today? How is your new area? Where is it compared to your old area? How is the new Comp and where is he from?

Well, son, we hope you are doing well!

So, I have another snake story for you. This time it is an annonymous snake story. Well, Meagan and I are trying to ride our bikes as often as we can so I can get in shape for the race. (Meagan is already in shape. hahaha) So it is late around 8 pm. Still a little light. We rode down the backside of the Riparian Preserve and we were riding on Guadalupe Road. I have my bike light on. There is some sticks and debris from the recent monsoon. So I pedal, pedal, pedal. Meagan is behind me. All of a suden I see this thing coming at an angle across the road. All I can see is black and white slithering right at me. I pedal, pedal faster. I say "Meagan, there's a snake" as my heart hits my guts. SILENCE! So I pedal, pedal really fast knowing that if I swerve into the road, I could die and if I take my feet off the pedals I might fall over and if the snake touches me, I would die too. So I just pedal for all I am worth. Meagan says "Oh, It IS a snake!" I think she doubted me! WHY DON'T YOU KIDS BELIEVE ME? hahahahaha We pedaled by without any trouble you'll be glad to know. So I have officially declared myself a "Snake Magnet"! What do you think? As for the snake, I think he had been over to get some gelato at the Langley Market after a hot day in the Desert. However in the future, I hope he waits until later when I won't be on the road. (I may have dear eldered this too you but I can't remember.)

The next day we went to see 17 Miracles, a new movie about the Mormon Pioneers Willie and Martin Handcart company, and there was a place where there were a bunch of rattle snakes. Scared the Pee Waddlin' out of me!!!

Saturday, Meagan and I rode to Southern, over to Ellsworth and down to Baseline, about 14 miles. We did okay. We did it in about 1.5 hours. We are getting there!

Also on Saturday, there was a baptism for Alexis Barron Concklin and Troy Concklin. It was beautiful!!! Sister Marchant gave a talk about how to hang on to the rod. She talked about things that make you let go, like anger and being mad. She said that she didn't understand the Atonement until much later after she had been baptized. I don't think that is a bad thing because it says in the scriptures "line upon line." Anyway, she encouraged them to pray and to read their scriptures because the scriptures are the instruction manual for life. She talked about overcoming anger and feelings that might make someone let go. She said the Spirit helps her hang on and when we are feeling mad an angry at someone, the Spirit can't be with us. She said she learned that if she feels that way, she prays that Heavenly Father will help her feel love towards that person she is mad at and through the Holy Ghost she does!!! She didn't know it, but that is exactly what I needed to hear!!! Isn't it amazing how messages are sent to us all the time if we are listening? I love the Holy Ghost and the Gospel!! I love our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ! I know the Gospel is to help us get back to us and by remembering that they love us and that we can repent, and do repent, we can get back!

On our bike rides, Meagan usually rides behind me. She thinks its funny when I talk to myself. YOU would too! Meagan though is my second set of eyes. Because I don't see out of the left side of my head so good, sometimes I can't see what is coming up the side of me. So when we need to turn left, she helps me on the blind side and tells me when it is safe. Kind of like the HOly Ghost!

Well, I better get to work. I will be thinking of you and looking for you on line. Abi, Pa and Mommy na say "Hello!" and that they love you. Abi sent you a letter about 10 days ago. I hope you get it. Did you ever get our letters? Harry was glad to get your e-mail. We went to Chase Tueller's Farewell yesterday. He is going to the "Disneyland" mission, as he calls it. He is going to the Annaheim mission speaking Spanish. It was fun to see them!!! It brought back a lot of wonderful memories!

Okay, Now I will go to work! :) I hope you are enjoying your new area! Tell us all about it. Are you still on foot or are you bike riding?

Have a great day!
Love YOu!
Love you, Elder Sawyer!

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