Monday, July 25, 2011

Back in the field.

Dear Family,

im still in the same area still i havent moved yet buti havent been doing anything ive been stuck in the house and i only left yesterday for church and to eat. its not that fun but i get tired easy so me and elder martin have been in the house while our companions have been out working. I feel really spoiled because i got to talk to you guys every day last week. thats really weird to me that i got to do that on my mission.

They gave me a but load of pills that i have to take but i havent taken very many of the pain pills because of what you told me and i dont want to feel anymore down than i already do. it sucks being sick and not being able to do anything but once this passes everything will be alright. and i ll be in a new area and i have to start over again meeting people and stuff. Elder martin was supposed to get an mri today but the machine broke so he doesn't know what is going to happen either because he probably will haveto go back to the states.

well im glad that you had a great time at grandmas and that was a treat to get to talk to everyone. in 2 years ill be right there with you guys. sorry i dont know what to write i have been talking to you guys all week and there isn't much to say. but when i got back everyone was suprised that i am back and that everything is alright. and everyone is telling me what i shouldn't eat and what i should eat i think it is really funny. but i need to send you some fotos.

thats awesome that you went to kevins farewell and im so excited that he is starting his mission that is so awesome! well im getting better and i have an appointment with the doctor this week and i still dont know where im going to be and i will definately take my meds and vidamins. i hope everyone is doing alright i love you all and im so glad i got to talk to all of you but it kinda made me homesick for a min but haha oncce i get back to work it will all go away! haha love you guys and ill see you next week same time same place.
Love Elder Sawyer

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