Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Appendicitis in Peru

Late last night my cell phone rang. The voice said "Sister Sawyer?" I said "yes" The voice said "This is President Dorius". My guts hit the floor with my heart. He told us that Jacob was in the hospital and needs his appendix out. Jacob's white count was 17,000. Significantly elevated. He said they had done a CT scan and all of his organs looked perfect but the appendix looked like it needed to come out. So President said he would call us when he was done. We got a call this morning around 430 am from him and he said that Jacob did well. The companion said the doctor reported that Jacob's appendix had begun to burst a little. He said Jacob was sleeping and he wasn't able to talk.

President Dorius called again this morning to say that they will be moving him to a regular room later this morning and Jacob would call later. I am looking forward to it.

We called both of our families to let them know. Come to find out, Grandpa Sawyer and Abi both had to have their appendix out while they were on their missions.

We are very grateful for all of the prayers and know that he is in the Lord's hands. Our hearts are full!

This is his surgeon.

Dr. Tomas Borda Noriega
Cirugía General y Laparoscópica

Hoja de Vida

Facultad de Medicina:
Universidad Particular San Martín de Porres

Hospital de Apoyo María Auxiliadora (1996)

Cirugía General, Hospital Clínico San Borja Arriaran, Escuela de Post-Grado, Universidad de Chile (2000-2003)

Cirugía Digestiva, Hospital Clínico José Joaquín Aguirre, Universidad de Chile (1999)
Laparoscopic Surgery, Institute de Recherche Contre les cancer del appareil digestive. European Institute of Telesurgery, Strassburg, France (Septiembre 2005)

Interés Especial:
Cirugía General y Laparoscópica
Cirugía Hepatobiliar, Cirugía Gastroenterología, Cirugía de Urgencias y Cáncer Gástrico

CMP 30254
RNE 19113

Artículos publicados:
Apendicitis aguda

We are grateful for his expertise and training! We pray for him!

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