Sunday, July 10, 2011

June 20, 2011

Good morning Mother and family!

How are you doing? this week has been interesting. on friday my comp had a surgery on his knee, he had a cist and they took it out and all is well but we stayed in the hospital until sunday. we were suppossed to leave sat. but on the way out my comps blood pressure dropped and almost fainted so the doc had us stay longer. actually we werent even supposed to leave when we did but nobody told us what was going on so we just walked out, the both of us. we got down stairs and the doc told me to go back up and get his meds that the nurses didnt give to us and when i got back elder ochoa was sweating like crazy. the doc had him go to the ER and we stayed there for a bit and they moved us up to another room. it was horrible we were able to watch TV and we could sleep haha. we watched nacho libre and cars and some beach volleyball. i had forgotted how much of a waste of time tv is haha. and now we have a couple days that we have to rest but he can use crutches and walk a little. its really not that fun.

but at this hospital is were all the rich people go we talked to a couple people that had traveled all over the world and stayed in really fancy hotels and i ate lunch in the cafeteria and the doctor joined me and he said he had been to AZ and stayed in the fancy hotels we have and he went to tucson for some kind of rock festival.

and yesterday we still had the baptism, it was pretty crazy we had exchanges with the ZLs and one of them stayed with my comp and i went with the other zone leader. to the baptism. but the thing is he had a baptism at the same time as mine. and so we had to split again with somebody from the ward. and since i had not gone to the house since the hospital i didnt have the clothes or anything for the baptism. and guess what i forgot the keys to the house, my comp still had them. and we got to the capilla and i kinda felt like i had the keys for some reason and i looked in all of my pockets in my back pak and i found them, i felt really dumb! so we went back to get the clothes and all was fine and we had the baptism and all was well and my comp came home yesterday evening. but while i was with elder thurman in his area we were eating lunch and there was a family that was invited that the couple was deaf, but they could read lips and talk a little. and we were talking to them and we taught them a little and gave them pamphlets and a book of mormon it was really cool!

yesterday we saw the pictures of hermana gabis baby. i forgot what you call those, but it was really cool he already looks like his dad it was really funy, and hes really healthy and all is fine!!! he should be arriving in august. and we did get a new baby brother i think friday he was born. i forgot his name but we need to visit them this week, if we can.

Im sorry that aunt jodi isnt feeling good, i hope she gets better soon and we will pray for her.

im sorry that it is 110 thats hot! its getting cooler her. and it rained yesterday but really i wouldnt count it as rain! it was little tiny sprinkles and really you couldnt even see it. it was just really humid.

I love you all!
Elder Sawyer

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