Sunday, July 10, 2011

June 13 2011 letter.

Dear family,
first of all the pictures are of our baptism of paola rios linares and of the birthday party of allison ramirez, the lady that is pregnant is our mother in the ward haha and allison is our big sisterhaha. the 2 girls are 8 and 9 but they look like they are like 12. and we will have a new brother in this week. she knows english and quechua tambien. so she is teaching us a little quechua its really funny. imata jutiki, is what is your name? haha

Like i said we had a baptism and that was way awesome i got to perform the ordinance and that was an awesome experience! my second baptism woo hoo! it is so awesome to see the change in peoples lives and it is a priveledge to bring this message to the people. We have another baptism scheduled for this week Irrving millas, he is lo maximo! he just wants to keep on learning, he is reading the book of mormon he knows its true and he really is teaching us too. we are learning more together. He asked us the other day about a noche de hogar, he had heard about it but never had been to onne and he wanted us to teach us how to have one so that he could have one with his family. so we are going to have one with him this sunday. when we taught him for the first time my companion was in shock he had never had met someone like him that just wanted to learn and just had the iniciative it was funny. he had come from barranca where the people are a little more duro and we were joking and saying, oh wow... we are actually in a house.haha

Im sad to hear about elder mcbride! that totally stinks but its awesome that he is alright! im happy that it sounds like hell be alright and i hope nothing is permanent.

Did you get my letters that i sent yet? i will try to send a letter to grandma! so that means that i will! haha wow i cant believe that she is turning 80! tell he that i love her so much! and everyone else too! and tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and mom im sorry i think that i forgot to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY when you called me im sorry i love you so much!

I cant believe that we have 12 missionaries out in the field that is nuts! i loved growing up in our ward and with all of the youth that i am priveledgd to call my friends. i dont want to sound trunky but it will be awesome to get together with all of them after the mish. haha and one more thing how is jeff despain any more robberies? haha i hope not!

I love everyone!
elder sawyer

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