Sunday, July 10, 2011

June 27, 2011

Hi mom.

give my love to grandma and grandpa! and i have a letter for grandmas bday and im sending it this wednesday! so hopefully it will get there haha! have you still not recieved the other letters? its been like a month! and i didnt recieve your letters either. how sad! but
whatever theyll get here eventually.

this week has been pretty crazy. we had to rest a little bit because my companion had surgery a week ago so we had to stay in our house for a couple of days but he is doing a lot better and the past 2 days we worked for the most part normal we just have to walk a little slower.

I cant believe that tyler kirby is home wow it seemed like time just flew! tell him Hi for me. thats awesome that he got to see him get baptized i bet it really meant a lot for that man after waiting a year. in the ward that we are in right now we have kinda the same situation one brother wants to get baptized but he is under probation right now and i think that the church lawyers are looking into his situation but i think he might have to wait until he isnt under probation which is like 2 years but well see how things go. he has already been waiting a long time! and he hasnt come to churh since i have been here either but we are still visiting him and we are trying to get the ward to support him and make him feel more comfortable.

and Something really sad happened this week! the family we have been teaching and wanted to get married, well i already told you that they went to cuzco because here brother died so the had the services there. and while she was there she got baptized........ and shes still not married and they were still living together. i really dont know what those elders were thinking she had been living in our area for like 3 months and they didnt know the situation. we explained to them that they had to get married or seperate si o si. those were the only options they had. and the thing is she dosent really love him, that is what she told us, this whole situation is really sad and i dont know what happened. in a home where we saw so much happiness and now its anything but. so now they are seperated.

well today we are going to play futbol and after we are going to make pizza with hermana gabi and pedro it should be fun. hey do you think that you could send me your recipe for your pizza dough for future reference. today we are going to buy pre made dough but in the future that would be fun!

I got a letter from hayley, finaly, the date on the envolope was 18 of april. she said she got in to BYU for the fall that sounds like a blast!! so i need to send her a letter too. Hey Abi sent me a letter and said that her friend is coming to Peru and that if i needed anything that she would bring it. and i was Craving BANNANA NUT BREAD, so if you could ask her to send a loaf that would be the BEST!!!! hahaha and maybe you can print some fotos and send then with her too, or maybe that would be too much. idk Tell everyone that i love them!

oh and meagan sent me a message while she was in summer school doing her project. DONT GET MAD AT HER! because when i was in summer school me and cody and steel played video games the whole time in summer school when we were supposed to be doing our project HAHAHAHAH now you knowHAHA

Elder Sawyer

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