Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First e-mail! Hooray!

Querido familia,

the MTC has been wonderful so far! the first night that i got here it snowed and it snowed on sunday as well. The Food is pretty good and i lied they don't serve ice cream every night just 2 times a week. I think that i'll put on a little weight while i'm here because i eat so much every meal haha. My companion is elder Flood now i don't have 2 anymore. Elder Namazi is elder Rapiers companion now he is going to Colorado english speaking and because he tore his ACL he has to stay in the MTC. Actually it's a blessing that he can still be here they were going to send him home but someone came up with the idea that he could stay here and brush up on his spanish so he can maybe use it in the field. He grew up speaking it so it is working out nicely. He has such a strong testimony he said he was so discouraged after he got hurt but he said he prayed and he knows that everything happens for a reason. Because he is on Crutches we had to move down to the floor just beneath were we were originally. The floor we are on now is a lot better than the one that we were on. On our floor there are all the people in advanced spanish and it is good for us because we have to speak spanish with them. some of the guys are learning to speak english and the stuff they say is so hilarious. One of the Elders is from Nogales and when we went to the temple while it was snowing we had a snowball fight because he had never been in the snow before. Our Teachers are Awesome! Hermano Quintana is form N.M. and he went to Ecuador on his mish. and Hermano Shwarz is from Gilbert AZ, but he went to GHS:(!, he served in Texas. We already learned how to pray in Spanish and how to bear our testimonies in spanish. The Language is coming along pretty well. I forgot a lot of stuff i learned in High school but i think it'll come back to me. (Perhaps he has forgot how to punctuate and capitalize. Frankly, I don't care! We got to hear from him!!! Hooray!) Everyone told me when i first got here that once you make it to sunday it goes by really fast. they were right the first 2 days were long but after that it seems to fly by! there is always something that we have to do, Even on P day haha. i just got back from the temple and that is always and a mazing experience! I have seen elder priday a lot. He is learning Samoan in the same building as me but just one floor down. I've also seen Elder Jeff Tayler (I think this is LaDawn's cousin Coton Taylor's son) and Elder Cole Patterson it's cool to see people i know from home. On sunday we had one of the most powerful Firesides that i've ever been to. It was about music and how it can bring the spirit. They haad some elders request their favorite hymns and at times it was roudy but the excitement and the spirit were both there. I can testify that music is the language of the soul!!! the last thing that they had us do was we sang Called to Serve at firts really quite and then we got louder as the song went on. almost like we were marching over a hill and the people could here us getting louder as we got closer. tonight we have another fireside, Fingers crossed for an apostle haha. i feel like i'm forgetting something that i need to tell you but i'll keep in touch with you guys. I love you all!!! soooooo much! thank you for the Dear elders i found out that i love g etting mail so keep bringing it on and get some of my friends to use it hahajk. (I don't think he is jk. If you have a minute....) Love you once again!!!

With love,
Elder Sawyer

I forgot my watch could you possibly send that to me? along with maybe 2 pairs of athletic shorts? i only have one and they get pretty rank haha. i bought a plastic watch for like 3 bucks and right when i opened it it broke :( (Bless his heart! He cracks me up. I hope his mother sends him some more shorts so his companions can stand him. hehehehe)
so i've been using it as a pocket watch haha i miss everyone but i know i'm supposed to be here!

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