Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The first REAL letter from the Mail box written on 2-16-11

Dear Mom and Dad,

My first day has been amazing! It was awesome to spend time with Steel and Chance before I came. It feels like I have been trying to drink out of a Fire hose. We learn so much in a small amount of time. When I first got here one of the MTC Presidency paired us with another "Host" missionary and he showed us to our room and we picked up what I needed at the bookstore as far as things I will need in the field and as I learnt the language: water purifying kit and preach my gospel en espanol, etc. Then we went strait (straight) to class where we started our language training. We pretty much got to know each other and talked in Spanish the whole time, well we did as much as we could. Then all the MTC presidency and thier wives spoke to us about our purpose and one of the wives said, you are going to like this Mom, "Now is the time to be your best self." We then had lunch. The food is pretty good. It's all you can eat and I ate a lot! They also serve ice cream for every meal...I think. (In his e-mail he clarifies.) We then went to 3 different rooms and in each room there was a scenario in which missionaries were talking to investigators and we asked questions if we were the missionaires and had discussions. My companions are Elder Rapier and Elder Flood. Elder Flood is from Indianapolis and he is going to Mexico. I forgot what his mission is called but I think it means cow horn or something. (Kent says it is Cuerna Vaca.) Elder Rapier is from Duncan, AZ and he was on my plane. He is pretty cool. I told him my grandparents live in Pima. he went to E.A. It seems like we are cramming so much in, and with not much time. But in reality we have a lot of time. It's Awesome here!! I love you all so much.
Jacob Sawyer

What a surprise to get a letter even when we got an e-mail too! That makes a mother get a little teary deary!

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