Monday, February 28, 2011

A letter to Meagan


Dear Meagan,
Thank you so much for your letter I read it on the plane. It definitely made me remember some good times! I told Steele "What's under your scriptures?" He told me the story and we both laughed really hard. I e-mailed today. My P-days are on Tuesdays, and I only have 30 min. so I don't have enough time to write what I want to. I was told by Branch Pres. that there's a possibility that I won't get to go to the Peru MTC because it is so full of missionaries, but we'll see what happens. One of the Elders on my floor is from Peru. He left this morning for Pocatello, Idaho. I was talking with him and he said that ....that if I work hard and si tengo mucha fe (Have much faith), I'll be ok. He also said that IF I have fear the people won't listen to me. So I should never have fear. He also said to pray a lot. Make sure you share this with Jared and Mom and Dad.
Elder Sawyer (I don't have a first name any more. :) ha ha!)
P.S. Hey, make sure you got my e-mail if not try my e-mail address I sent it there too.

Meagan tucked a little note inside Jacob's back pack before he left. Jared wrote him a note a little later and was the first sibling to send real mail to him.

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