Sunday, May 1, 2011

Before he left the CCM

Dear Family,
I'm loving it here at the MTC and I had an amazing day proselyting yesterday. I went with 2 other Elders because my companion, Elder Donis went to his mission early. So it was a little difficult because I haven't taught with them very much before. But it went pretty good. The area that we went to was so different than the area that we went to last time. I guess what I mean is that it was a lot more humble. It was on a mountain side and the farther that we went up the mountain side and the father that we went up the mountain the humbler the houses were. We were invited to six houses, three in the morning and three in the afternoon. Really, it was kinda' cultural shock. And it humbled me and made me realize that we were so blessed growing up where we lived. One of the houses we went in had two rooms and had a little tiny stove and fridge and it was pretty dark inside. But they did have a T.V. There were a couple chickens running around inside and a kitten. And they were all running around while we were teaching. The lesson went pretty well, I think that she let us in just to be nice, but I hope the Spirit touched her and I hope the missionaries in that area are able to teach her more. One of the Elders in that area was named Elder McNeil and he is from Mesa, Arizona. I thought that was pretty cool. His cousin is Eric McNeil. And I went to Franklin South with Eric. His Spanish was so good. He'd been out a year and when we first saw him we thought he was from Argentina or Chile because his Spanish was so good. Another one of the houses we went to, we knocked on the door and this guy answered and said, "Hi Elders." I guess he's never had the lessons but he's seen the missionaries before and we taught him and his girlfriend. It went really well! We talked about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration. And they were paying really close attention to everything we were saying and they committed to pray and read. It was really cool to see how people are prepared to hear this message. I leave for the field on Tuesday so I hope I get to e-mail then.
Elder Sawyer

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