Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Emails between Jacob and his Papa

Hi Jacob, I love you!
Good to hear from you. How exciting into the mission field. I hope you enjoy it like it sounds like you are. I feed your snakes and when I put the mouse in, Sampson's cage, he struck for it and got the tail. The mouse started biting him and I tried to get him to let go but he wouldn't. I pulled him out of the hide so he could get a better wrap around the mouse but the mouse kept on biting him. But finally he was able to get a good wrap and get the mouse. He's okay. The mouse didn't break the scales, just interesting to watch the struggle. I love you and will write more later.

Tu Papa

Jacob: I'm glad that the snakes are doing good. I'm surprised that you guys haven't gotten rid of them yet. Thanks for taking care of them. I'm sorry I left my room a mess.

Jocab (That is really what Kent wrote. haha love ya'! Kent)
Just heard from Mom that you called, that was exciting. Hope you're having a great time talking and teaching the people in Peru. Father and sons is coming up on May 13th and 14th and I was thinking about the good times we've had at them. This year, Jared and I have invited Uncle Eric and Arlon Smith, Eric can be Arlon's son. :) I hope you are doing great and enjoying you mission and talking and teaching the people in Peru. Take care of your self and be aware of your surroundings.

I love you,
Your Dad

That sounds like a lot of fun!!! I remember Fathers and Sons. Those were some of the best times!!! In a couple of years, I'll be able to go with you. haha.

We are in a city called Callao. And the part that I'm in is kinda dangerous at night and something that my companion has taught me is to watch and listen to everything that is going on. Nothing bad has happened but we just have to watch out and the Lord will help us.

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