Monday, May 16, 2011

A Slitherin' Stroll and teaching a nice family

A letter to Jacob from Mom-Please see his response after my letter.
Good Morning!!!!

How are you today? The weather is nice and cool this morning. It is in the 60s but will warm up to the 80s later today. It is odd for this time of year but we will take it!

Well you'll never guess what happened the other day! It was 4 am and I heard Miss Hope stirring around in her cage and doing a slight whine. I thought "Hope settle down." But she just kept going. So I got up in a drowsy stupor and went to let her out. Hope had her feet about 3-4 inches out of the cage and her tray that her blanket sits on was pushed out of her kennel. I thought odd but oh well. Hope darted for the door. I let her out. I went to get a drink and thought I need to push her tray back in. As I was about to the cage, something caught my eye. It was this long reddish thing. I thought "Hope doesn't have a toy that looks like that. Does she?" I looked a little closer and I saw IT!!!! It was the SNAKE!! My guts and my heart hit the floor. I looked again. YEP! It was a snake! I went to get dad. I whispered really LOUD-"KENT, I think the snake is out. It is in Hope's bed." At that moment I thought, "Was that really the snake or am I dreaming?" I went back and looked and sure enought it was trying to get under the pad where it is warm from Hope laying there.

A little bit later, Hope scratched to come in. I went to the door and she came in. She went to her kennel very cautiously. She sniffed around and backed out and said "Nope! I'm not going in there right now!" So I think I will write a letter to President Monson requesting that all boys with slithering creatures be allowed to take them on their missions if they don't get nice homes for them before they leave. hahahaha Just kidding! Dad confessed that he thinks he didn't put the pin in right! hahahaha

Yesterday, was Steele's farewell. It was awesome! You have amazing friends ya' know! He talked about throwing a golf ball at his sister. He said he got in trouble. He realized that he learned that his deciscion to become angry affected more than himself and he could have hurt his baby sister really bad. He carries the golf ball with him to remember that his decisions affect others. He talked about being in the Easter Pageant when he was a senior. He was in the multitude and in the mob. He said how hard it was when he was in the mob to yell "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" He decided right then that he would always be a disciple of Christ! He never wanted to be on the other side.

Jacob, I hear your growth in your letters. We are so thankful that you are making decisions for yourself. You are learning for yourself so many things. I loved when you said "I know if I open my mouth the Lord will fill it!" Thank you for sharing the gospel! It is hard but it is so necessary!!! I learn so much from your example. I know that it is not easy to leave your family but it will be well worth it. You will have us forever but this opportunity to serve the people of Peru is only for now. You will plant seeds and reap rewards that are eternal! Stay the course! Continue to seek the Lord in all you do! I know you are!

How did your skit go? Any lessons coming up? Any baptisms on the horizon?

I LOVE you sooo SOOOO much!!!!

PS How old is Elder POP? How is Hermana Gabi? When is her baby due? How is Hermano Pedro? Please send our love and gratitude to them from us. Also send our love to the Hermana who does your Laundry and her husband too.

Jacob's Response:
Dear Mom and Fam,

I want you to know that i was laughing so hard when i read this letter. i cant believe the snake got out! was it sampson or sasha? thats so hilarious! im sorry i didnt find a home for them before i left and that my room is a mess!!!! im suprised that you havent taken them to the pet store yet! whats the deal? hahajk oh and i cant believe that hope is such a pansy! haha

I hope all is well at home. i got your letters that you sent on the 1st of may that was an awesome suprise!!! thank you for you encouragement i will " hustle to the very end" haha. its turning into winter here its not that cold but its chilly, and some days its cloudy all day and foggy, and it doesnt rain hardly at all but its weird sometimes i can feel little drops of water hit my face but its not raining. it has to be really humid, and its probabaly the fog.

Im so happy that steel is starting his journey im so glad that i had such good friends and that we are all going to serve missions. tell him hi for me and good luck, oh and ask him if he ever got my letter? i sent him one while i was in the provo mtc thanking him for picking me up and stuff but i dont know if it got to him.

Hmna Gabi is due in August, and the family that we live with is the best! and i sent letters to you and its kinda expensive to send stuff so i sent a buch of letters in one envelope, can you distribute them? just give them all to Harry except the one to Brylee can you give that to her? i dont think that harry hangs out with her so it wouldnt get to her. and i was thinking and it might be better if i just buy an mp3 here and i can get music from the other misionaries, i think that it is a lot cheaper here, but if you already sent it thats fine. just let me know, but i deffinatley still need a bunch of pics of you guys!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

this week was an amazing week we taught this family that really wants to get baptized but they have to get married or seperate. and they were having problems so they were going to seperate for good. so we watched this movie about families and how if we look for our answers in the world we arent going to find our answers and the world tells us that divorce is the answer but if we look for our answers in the gospel we will find our answer and our relationships will be strengthened and when we put our confidence in God we will be blessed. we watched the movie and we had to leave right after for the baptism of the bishops son in another ward. bit we went back the next day to talk more and everything changed. the day before the father was mad that they had to seperate inorder to be baptized and he didnt really understand and he really didnt have anywhere to go that is his only family. but everything changed they understood everything and the movie was exactly what they needed to hear they had been looking for their answers in the world and not in the gospel. and they want to get married and then baptized but they dont have much money so we are trying to work that out. But mom, and family, I felt so happy when they said that they were going to work things out and be a family, i really dont know how to explain it. but this is the reason why im here to teach the importance of families and the way they can be eternal. it was so awesome! at that moment it just hit me that this is why im here and i just feel really good!

Elder Sawyer

PS tell meagan to write me!!! whats her deal? haha jk she probably wrote and it just hasnt come yet. and im looking forward to the essays that they wrote for seminarY!!

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