Sunday, May 1, 2011

A letter to Meagan and a knife wielding woman

Dear Meagan
I hope all is going well for you in school and in live in general. I realized you only have a month left of school and then you'll be a senior. WOW! That's crazy! I'm bummed I'm going to miss it but you'll have to write me and tell me what is going on. We went proselyting yesterday. And one of the houses we knocked on, this little old lady answered. She was in the process of cooking and she had a knife in her her hand. When she opened the door and she was waving it around and it kinda freaked me out because I wasn't sure if she was threatening us or something but she ended up being and inactive member. And we went in and talked to her and her son a little bit. They were a cool family. (I hope you found the knife part funny. Haha) But one of the things that son said to us that I thought was really cool. He said that when we came he said satan left. I thought that was really cool and it testified to me the power the Holy Ghost has and it's an even more important reason for us to strive continually to have it's company with us. Meagan, I love and I'm glad you're my sister. I gave Jared a list of movies that I miss. Watch them with him. You have to watch them because I can't.
-Your Bro.
-Elder Sawyer

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