Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Phone call-Best Mother's Day Present

We actually got to CALL Jacob yesterday on Mother's Day! Best Mother's Day!!! We called him at 4 p.m. and we got the answering machine. I was worried for a second but Kent interpretted the message. Then we called again. The circuts were busy-of all the nerve!! Finally we got through to Jacob!!! It was so awesome to hear his voice!! He sounds really good. They had two baptisms on Saturday. Which is way cool!

We talked and talked. The time went really fast. If he couldn't understand us he said "Como?" Meagan and Jared got the giggles when he did that. Then we told him about the Highland Volleyball teams bleak season. He said "Enserio?" So it sounds like he is doing better and better with his Espanol!

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