Monday, May 30, 2011


Hey what's up family!

Guess what! Yesterday we had a baptism. We baptized Jarlis, the young guy that we have been teaching. It was so awesome! I got to baptize him. My first baptism!!!!! I really can't explain how I felt it was so cool. After he came out of the water he was letting the water drip off his face and then he wiped his face and then looked at me with the BIGGEST smile that i have ever seen! Oh wow it was so cool! Its so awesome to be a part of a change in someones life. He is 21 and so if he is active he can serve a mission in a year that would be soo cool. I was thinking when we were teaching him that he could be a missionary and he could help people and share this awesome message. He is an awesome guy!!! But the funny thing is when we were going to take pics.... my camera died! Talk about opposition in all things right! haha. But i'll get the pics from my comp and from the family that we live with and I'll send them to you.

That's so awesome that Kevin got his call and that's funny that he leaves before everyone else. haha. Trevor! Chile? Thats sick too! Tell them congrats for me!!!!I have videos that i need to send you i hope i can do it today. I'll try to figure it out.

We have cambios tomorrow and im staying in Faucett and Elder Pop is going to another area and my companion will be Elder Ochoa. I've met him before he is a cool guy! We have a lot of potential in this next cambio there is a possibility that we could have 6 baptisms, and hopefully the 2 couples will be married this cambio and they can be baptized. But please continue to pray for Elder Pop he is still sick, he has taught me so much! I'm going to miss him!

I cant believe that schools out for you guys! I hope everything turned out well! Pretty soon the next school year will be starting haha, enjoy the summer. I'll try to send some more letters this week. and you should get some from me soon. I sent some like a week ago.

Meagan wrote:
Your camera died? Do you need a new one or do you just need nuevo batteries?

P.S. This is Meagan. I wrote. I am off the naughty list! :) Love you!

Jacob wrote:
You cant get off that easy meagan!!! I'm trying to get more fotos to send to you guys and I dont know how to send the videos.! No i just need to charge the battery, I charged it a couple days ago I dont know what happened.

Meagan when i get your next letter I will take you of the list!! haha
exacto!!! walking on sunshine!!! i love that feeling! well i got to go and be expecting more fotos next week I love you and the thing that i have learned about goals is they need action! that is the key! I know that you can do it i love you and i will keep you informed on the my progress aswell

Mom wrote:

I am excited for the people you are teaching!!! Definitely, Walking on Sunshine kind of day!

Jacob wrote:
Exacto!!! walking on sunshine!!! I love that feeling! Well I got to go. And be expecting more fotos next week I love you and the thing that I have learned about goals is they need action! That is the key! I know that you can do it! I love you and I will keep you informed on the my progress as well.

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