Monday, May 23, 2011

Ironman, Baptisms on the horizon.

Dear Family,
How are you guys doing. I hope all is going well. I cant believe that Sarah is graduating! This year has gone by fast! Tell her Congratulations for me!! What is she going to do after graduation, go to EA. haha
There isn't a fund that you guys can donate to for the marriage, and I'm not supposed to ask for you guys to donate I don't think you can. Its in the white bible. haha

This week has been an up and down week. My companion has been in the clinic for some check ups and exams and the president told him that he has 2 weeks to get better and if not he has to go back to Guatemala. Which is really sad i really hope hope he gets better!!! He was really depressed that day but he has cheered up since, he talked with some other missionaries and it cheered him up. We are just trying to work as hard as we can and put our trust in God, its really all we can do. The members are so nice they all want to help him! I now understand why they like him so much. he has been here his whole mission, 5months, so when he got here he didnt have any support from the members and he had to work really hard with his comp and then slowly the members starting helping them and they love the missionaries now. We had a Noche de Talentos in one of the wards this last week and that was really fun! In one of the skits we did as a zone I was Iron Man! I have some videos I'll try to send next week. But we had to make some kind of costume and we had no idea how to do it so this one family helped us out a lot! It reminded me of when i had to do something creative for school I always asked you or Meagan to help me haha. But this family is hilarious the shereibers, idk how to spell it, but there are 2 sisters and they are hilarious they remind me of you and your sisters when they get together.

I've been reading trying to read the book of mormon in spanish and I'm in the part where Nephi has to build the ship and i think that it is crazy (Crazy in Jacob language means really cool Like saying "Totally Awesome!") that anything the Lord wants us to do he will prepare the way for us to do it. and we really cant do anything without him!!!

Thank you so much for sending the fotos and the mp3! i cant wait to recieve them. I got a letter from Abi and from the Mia Maids from out ward today. I thought that was really cool! there was a little note from Sis Sellers in there and that was awesome it reminded of the good times i had in her class! tell her thank you for me!!!! Hopefully youll get my letters in a couple weeks.

We've been teaching this guy, Jarlis. He's 20 years old and he had a baptism date a long time ago but we knew nothing about him because he wasn't in the binder but somebody told us about him and we stared visiting him again and he wants to get baptized. He had some troubles with some friends and that's why he didnt go through with baptism before. But now he understands when we have desires to come closer to Jesus there isn't anything that can impede us. He has a job that doesn't allow him to go to church on Sundays and he wants to go to church and he doest know what to do. We told him to pray and he can find his answer and that the Lord understands. i told him the story of when dad had to work sundays and we prayed all the time that he could come to church with us and we fasted and finally he awas able to change his schedule and he could come to church with us! I love that! We set a date for him to get baptized the 5 of June. We haven't had many baptisms but there are a lot of people that are being prepared for baptism and the next cambio they will be baptized. this cambio ends on 31 of May. And every Cambio is 6 weeks I can't belive my first one is almost over!

Well I'll be on for about 20 more min so if you want to talk. but I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!
I hope that Meagan and Jared have a great last week of school!! Have fun this summer! It's so weird that it is winter here haha

Elder sawyer

PS. Tell Meagan that she doesn't have to move out anymore I changed my mind. haha

We are at a place where they have computers that we can use for internet. I don't know how to explain it but we pay to use the internet. I'm excited for Meagan and Jared to finish school.

And I dont think I will ever live that down, putting the sugar in the flour. haha I miss you all a lot. but the homesickness I think has worn off and I'm starting to just love the work.

I can't wait to get the dear elders! Oh can you put my address up on facebook. the one that says to los olivos that's to the office and that is the fastest way if you arent going to use dear elder.
if you feel inspired to but some disney songs on there dont be afraid haha

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