Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

Dear Family,

I loved calling you guys yesterday and hearing your voices it really lifted my spirits. I love you guys! Wow i love the pictures that you sent me.

i actually thought that jared was that tall for a second you got me haha!

I cant wait to have the fotos and the music that you are going to send me. and i think i can buy speakers hear so dont worry about that. and i dont know if you want to send that mattress cover i think that it is kinda expensive to send stuff here. i have that huge coat that i was required to bring but i dont think that ill ever use it, so i was thinking about sending it home but one of the elders said it is REALLY expensive to send stuff back, so ill keep it for a while.

I cant believe that meagan will be a senior and jared a junior next year! that hour yesterday went by so fast i wanted to talk to you guys a lot more!

im sending you some pictures today. we got to eat at mcdonalds on our last pday and that was sooo good i missed mcdonalds.

and i sent you the pic of me with a beard haha.

on the 28th of may we are doing a mission night as a stake and a zone and it is a talent night. so we have to do something like a sketch so today we are going to practice and put something together.

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